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158 W Gay St
West Chester, PA 19380

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158 W Gay St West Chester , PA 19380

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158 W Gay St
West Chester, PA 19380

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Landmark Americana-West Chester Reviews From Google, Yelp and CCD

Robert P.
May 5, 2018
This concept is incomprehensible. I'm not sure what they want to be? A sports bar? Family restaurant? A college hangout? Bro Bar? The food is less then...
December 12, 2017
Nice place. Food is good but you have to wait on it. Prices are very reasonable.
Nathaniel Meeks
December 12, 2017
Nice spot to grab a bite to eat. If your with a family member or freind.
C Ross
November 11, 2017
Out of Mac and Cheese?! It's a signature dish and one of the main reasons our party of 4 chose to dine here. Disappointed but we ordered a variety of consolation dishes (tacos, salads/soups/fries). All were good quality ingredients and generous portions, but the only excellent dish was the Landmark nachos. I would definitely get it again if I returned. Our waitress was very pleasant, helpful and efficient. The cost was reasonable. I might have been able to rate more stars if the Mac & Cheese was available and it was as good as we had hoped!
anshul gupta
November 11, 2017
Great cocktails... Awesome food... friendly and lively env. for a night with friends ! ! !
Anne Mccarty
October 10, 2017
only if you like foot ball should you go in there. The food is OK, the place is LOUD, and not too clean(sticky table...)
Heidi Karpa
July 7, 2017
Really nice options with gluten free rolls. Live the salmon club - I can actually enjoy it!
Steven Laret
July 7, 2017
Horrific! They were out of 3 different kinds of beer and took 10 minutes each time to let us know. We sat for 25 minutes without drinks before we decided to leave. Management was aware and deplorable!!! Just unreal! They had the audacity to drop a check for the one glass of wine they served while the other 3 out of 4 patrons sat in bewilderment at their inability to serve a simple beer!
David McClaskey
July 7, 2017
Landmark had a great beer selection and we all enjoyed the dishes we got for dinner. Landmark is definitely a good choice for a casual dinner.
Richard Miller
June 6, 2017
The bartender was great - this was during a craft beer stroll. She was fantastic - the manager that stood around watching her work was a real jerk. The place has a great atmosphere, and our bartender was terrific - but they have no concept on Service, my guess is because of the incompetent manager. And by the way - their menu - direct rip off of the Iron Hill menu, which did it first and is just across the street.
Christopher Fenimore
June 6, 2017
All I have to say is Jackie is the best. When you arrive hungry and you have no idea what you want she will give you the best suggestions and let you know all about the substitutions that you can add to you meal. Always a great time and conversation!!!
Q McWillams
January 1, 2017
Food is a bit expensive but good, and the place can get quite loud on football days
Kelly Marvel
December 12, 2016
We came in at dinner with a party of 5. Everything was quick and fresh and delicious . Service was awesome and Food was great. We would definitely recommend and will be back.
Anthony Marte
November 11, 2016
Service was slow but it was an Eagles game, food was good and server was nice but the way she handled the bill was terrible. She misunderstood how much we wanted on some cards, instead of using the excess tip to cover the rest of the bill as intended that we gave on TOP of the 18% mandatory gratuity, manager and server followed us out the restaurant and asked for more money ...... As a bartender who tips 25%+ every time.....Been here a few times but never going back
Morgan Gass
October 10, 2016
I was denied from landmark simply because they thought my ID looked nothing like me. However, I am turning 22 years old and this is discrimination. Your management needs to be upgraded and realize what is a fake ID and what is not. You lost and enormous amount of business and I hope you lose profit from this.
eric longden
October 10, 2016
SERVICE IS HORRENDOUS. I'm a server myself and I went with a party of 8 for dinner. We got here at 8:30pm and are now leaving at 11:15. Our server refused to check on us throughout the night but had no problem spending all her time flirting woth the bouncer she works with. By the end of the night, one of the girls who came out with us ended up crying because the server was so utterly rude and disrespectful. I will most certainly not be returning to eat. It's a damn shame too because the food and the music were both great and the drink selection is vast, but unfortunately none of those things could outweigh the god-awful service.
Kaela Akers
September 9, 2016
Every single time I come to Landmark whether it's for food or drinks I receive THE WORST SERVICE EVER UPSTAIRS and it is always because of this one bartender Kerri. Kerri is extremely rude and wears her emotions on her face. I ordered wings and asked for garlic Parmesan sauce on the side. When I received my receipt it read "wings 10" but nothing about the sauce. This is my first time ordering food for dine in I usually get take out so I asked Kerri does the receipt usually say the flavored wings or did she forget she said it doesn't say the flavors it just says wings then gave another example if you order landmark fries the receipt just says fries. I say thank you and go sit at a booth. My wings get to my table by another customer btw not even an employee never heard of that before.. when I get my wings the sauce is so cold it was chunky and it was definitely not garlic parm. I waited until I saw that she was free and I explained the sauce was cold and not the usual garlic parm I always get and to stop confusion I will simply take buffalo sauce instead. Well Kerri rolled her eyes walked to the cash register talked about me to another employee which was obvious because the other employee looked directly at me when she was talking to her, she came back and I asked her "why do you always walk around with an attitude like every time I come here you have an attitude?" She responds to me "because you keep coming up here complaining while I'm trying to serve people" which confused me because I complained once about my sauce yet she said I kept complaining which was a lie. Then told me "how about I find one of the waiters who is walking around" I told her I didn't see any. She told me "I will send one over" 10 minutes go by and not once did she attempt to send anybody because I watched her the entire time. I got up and found a manager who did help me resolve a part of my issue with this girl. When she saw me talking to the manager and he walked in the bar area she had a nerve to act innocent. I worked at a restaurant before and they tell you leave ALL negativity AT THE DOOR BEFORE YOUR SHIFT. never in my life have I ever heard an employee talk to a guest this way and she said she was trying to serve other people but I keep complaining as if I wasn't a guest that night spending my money wanting to be served too. I don't know one single soul who would eat cold food especially when they PAID FOR HOT FOOD. There were witnesses around saying how rude of her that was and it pissed me off so bad. I will never come to the upstairs bar and spend my money when she's working. I'm only one person but my friends have had bad experiences with her as well and if she continues to treat other guest this way I'm sure you will Lose many more. A bartender should have patience she doesn't deserve to be a bartender because she is far from patient! If I could rate zero stars I would because this is not the first time this bartender has been rude to me and to be 100% honest the only time I saw her smile is when I tipped her on a previous occasion. She clearly works for tips which she should because it's her job but you should also work for good customer service as well. I hope no one else experiences the feelings I felt.
Michelle Catania
July 7, 2016
Terrible service and staff!
Fabien Ory
July 7, 2016
Place to avoid! Especially if you are tourist.. Narrow minded people and illiterate bouncer who can't even read a birth date.
Donna Mazur
June 6, 2016
Staff are extremely pleasant, friendly, an accommodating to special requests. Great burgers and side salad. Very nice, relaxed atmosphere.
Mark McAllister
May 5, 2016
Great tasting food and great selection of beverages all at a very good price. Great place to catch a sports game with all the tvs around the room.
Tze Chao Chiam
April 4, 2016
Went to Landmark with a large group and had lots of fun. The location can definitely accommodate large groups. Menu has a good variety of options. Food portions were great too. However, some flavors were a little off. Wings were a little too salty for my liking. It could also get really loud in the restaurant. But what really didn't work for me was, when I was there, there was a washroom attendant handing out paper towels and soap and supplies. While I appreciate the service, this is a neighborhood bar/restaurant and it was definitely awkward to have an attendant in the restroom given the identity of the restaurant.
Robert Heiden
January 1, 2016
The food is wonderful, but the staff couldn't be nicer! Our family is always treated to a great time - highly recommended!

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