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West Chester, PA

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West Chester , PA

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Most people today have some sort of past or present injury. Whether it’s a torn rotator cuff, knee, shoulder or back injury chances are I have developed a rehab program for after the physical therapy is completed. Take care of strengthening those previously injured areas now, so you can continue to live a healthy and active life. Give me a call or email me. Let’s work on a training program to get you the results you want!

About Fit To The Core

West Chester, PA

My name is Jeannine Jubeck and Fit To The Core is my in-home, personal training business. I am a NSCA certified personal trainer with ten years of training experience. Prior to personal training, I was a successful headhunter with two business partners. Somewhere along the way, I decided I needed a change. My passion has always been fitness. So, in 2005– after working and learning as much as possible in a local gym– I started Fit To The Core. My Specialty is training middle aged men and women, along with retirees who want to stay healthy and active. I believe there is no reason one can’t be extremely fit at any age. This takes direction and a plan. My expertise and your hard work will get you there. I believe in a holistic approach that encompasses strength, cardiovascular training, and nutrition to get the best results. No fad diets or sporadic training. I develop custom training programs for men and women looking to get stronger and lose weight and body fat. Have you been working out for months on your own with little or no results? You need a plan designed for you to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. My experience will get you there. We’ll use kettlebells, TRX, Bosu, traditional weight training, circuits, Tabata and a great HIIT cardio plan. And you’ll have fun doing it!

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Fit To The Core Reviews From Google, Yelp and CCD

Jacqueline Grafstrom
November 11, 2017
Jeannie is so motivating. As a 54 year old, I was looking for a trainer who would customize a plan for me and would teach me to work around previous injuries/surgeries. After 3 weeks I can fit into a dress and bathing suit that had become snug . Thank you!
Kirk D.
September 9, 2017
I have been a client of Jeannine's for a number of years. She has consistently helped me achieve personal goals with enthusiastic guidance and ongoing...
Diane Davis
September 9, 2017
I have been a client of Jeannine's for a number of years. She has consistently helped me achieve personal goals with enthusiastic guidance and ongoing support. I have never been saddled with boring repetitive workouts. On the contrary, they are always changing and challenging.
Nicole Demech
September 9, 2017
Jeannine is the best! She helped keep me motivated and on track with my exercise and eating plan. Workouts were challenging and she definitely continued to challenge me as we moved through the sessions. I highly recommend her.
mathew roberts
August 8, 2017
Jeannine is the best trainer I have ever worked with in over two decades. Thank You
June 6, 2017
Jeannine is so motivating and pushes me to try harder every single time she comes to my home. I am fit and have a lot of energy but she still manages to push me and is teaching me exercises I have never done before. I highly recommend Jeannine!
Marilyn Weiksner
June 6, 2017
Jeanine has just the right balance of encouragement and pushing you with also being sensitive to your limitations and interests. She really is great at changing things up so each work out is a tad different.
Ronald S.
May 5, 2016
What fun and lost weight. Very careful for me not to hurt myself but get great results at the same time. Thanks Ron
Mary Conway
April 4, 2016
I really love Jeannine's approach to working out. She evaluates where you are and motivates you to what you can become. Providing the expertise to get you there in her fun way. Her knowledge of nutrition is also spot on to help you reach your goals and excel.
Bethany Studner
April 4, 2016
My trainer Jeannine should be a six star! Read my story and you will likely relate. I was looking for trainer quite some time ago. I worked with a few trainers, but quickly became bored with the same repetitive workout, wasn't seeing the results I had hoped to achieve, and it was evident that training was just a job-some days better than others. Time to quit! It was then I was referred to "Fit to the Core" in West Chester- The Jeannine Jubeck. Truly, The best of the best! Jeannine Jubeck is so smart, creative, loves her career, experienced and extremely well educated in her field. She has continued to challenge me, encourage me, teach me, has incredible patience and always attempts to accommodate me. I love everything about her demeanor and she has a very unique talent- I am able to meet my goals through her innovative thinking- Not just the same old... Jeannine is incredibly insightful as well. She knows how to get me to reach my goals, when to push me, and when to move on- without a word. I enjoy each of my workouts. Jeannine is an uplifting person to be around, shows great caring for each of her clients, and is truly passionate about what she does each day. I can see results!!! I found, (and now you found), "the perfect fit". It doesn't get any better than Jeannine. Enjoy! I am sure you will!!!
Greg Wilson
February 2, 2016
I hired Jeannine to help me get in shape for a hiking trip my wife and I were taking in Italy. I was out of shape, and overweight. Jeanine motivated me to start eating well, helped me to lose 15lbs and got me much stronger and flexible in the process. We had an amazing trip and there was not a day I felt too tired to hike 15 + miles per day!
Glenn Paskow
February 2, 2016
I have been a client of Jeannine's for over 7 years and am in my early 60s When I started with her I was barely able to keep up with a minimal cardio and weight program. Now I am much stronger and my endurance is way better. When I injured by shoulder the physical therapist pretty much had me doing the same things that Jeannine had me already doing so I ended the PT early. Jeannine really works with you to help you achieve your goals, all in a fun atmosphere so the time flies by. If you want to get out of a fitness rut, Jeannine can really help you.
Jen Stewart
February 2, 2016
My husband and I have been partner training with Jeannine for ten years! We love her expertise on both health and fitness. She is extremely professional and flexible. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great home trainer.
joyce and john h.
September 9, 2014
Jeannine has been my personal trainer for several years now, and I credit her for helping me to age gracefully and remain energetic. Her workouts combine...
Tina B.
September 9, 2014
I found Jeanine to be personally inspirational as well as professionally adept and qualified to steer me toward my fitness goals. She always arrived...
Lisa S.
September 9, 2014
Started working with Jeannine last week as a "virtual client" as I live over one hour away. In my first week of Jeannine's guided workout program I have...

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