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841 Lincoln Ave
West Chester, PA 19380

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841 Lincoln Ave West Chester , PA 19380

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841 Lincoln Ave
West Chester, PA 19380

Diamond/Delchester/Major Energy has been routed in the Chester and Delaware county areas for over 75 years. We specialize in providing quality HVAC installations of all energy sources to our valued customers.

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stephanie lynn
August 8, 2017
there seems to be an option for NO STARS !! but i will give them 1 because they gave me a great first delivery price and then completely ripped me off there on out . charging like 1.20 / gallon higher than everyone else at the time . they are a complete joke!! stay away !!
Chris Diaferio
April 4, 2017
This company is a ripoff.. They will deliver oil even after you cancel your service and then send your bill to collections! DO NOT USE DDM!!!
Jim Jordan
March 3, 2017
DEMAND A WRITTEN EXPLANATION AS TO HOW THEY CALCULATE RETAIL PRICING REFERRED TO IN THEIR CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN. I had a one year contract with this company and was on auto delivery. Price was locked in but on at least one occasion they let my tank run out. I was current with payment as well. No big deal mistakes happen. Last November in 2016 I contacted them to discuss a contract price for oil. They quoted me $2.70 PER GALLON which I felt was too much as I believed prices would come down over the 2017 winter. They sold me oil at $2.54 on that fill up and said my oil will be priced at retail pricing. Making the mistake that i believed I was dealing with an honest outfit they then made another delivery in December for $3.69 then another at $3.79. All the while oil prices have been dropping rapidly like I anticipated. I had not looked at my bill with DDM which rocketed to well over $2000 for just two fill ups on a 550 gallon tank. Thinking an honest mistake was made I contacted them and they said oh no you are on auto ship at retail pricing. What was interesting was on that particular day of late Feb 2017 they were running specials for oil at $1.88 per gallon and when challenged they said it was a promotion for new clients only. When I pressed them they said they could honor the price of 2.70 per gallon retroactively. I tentatively agreed and they sent a contract. When reading the contract it said pricing would default to retail pricing if I went over my 2000 gallon limit. The next problem occurred when I insisted I cannot sign the contract because it does not define retail pricing anywhere. I am not sure they have a policy other than charging the customer as much as they can get a way with without protest. So here I wait patiently waiting for a rep to provide me a written explanation as to how they arrive at retail pricing. I was promised I would have it but it was never sent. I suppose they dont want to reveal how they calculate it. That said I will never sign a contract with these folks unless they provide a clear definition as to how they arrive at their retail pricing. Perhaps other customers ought to find out as well before signing a contract with DDM Energy. In the meantime while waiting for my written explanation I contacted another company Brandywine Fuel on Febuary 24 2017 as they advertised their price on the front page of their webpage. After discussing how much oil need the gentlemen who operates the company offered my 500 gallons at 1.99 per gallon. He said they dont have contract pricing and sell for a markup based on the price they pay. That is traditionally how oil is sold unless of course you run across a company that thinks if they consolidate many small oil companies they can get away with ambiguous contract pricing and price gouge unsuspecting customers. Not with me and hopefully not with anyone else who takes the time to read up on how DDM Energy operates.
Jennifer Merola
March 3, 2017
Asked them to call before they come out. The guy shows up and doesn't call. So he leaves. We call to see what the ETA is and they say we were already there and you weren't. So we won't be back until maybe 6 am tomorrow. Horrible customer experience. Will be calling to cancel this service in the morning. Disgraceful and unprofessional.
Monica Foraker
February 2, 2017
Been with the for years however in the past year oil prices are way above competitors and their service contract was outrageous this year, considering other options
Michael Cremin
December 12, 2016
There automatic delivery plan should be avoided. After placing a stop order on my account, I received another oil delivery after my contract expired for the highest price per gallon. Apparently, they require you to take another step and "formally close your account in writing". When I called to see what they could do for me, I was offered a rate that was still much higher than market value. It's unreal that their business model punishes existing customers with the highest rates. Your better off shopping around for oil when you need it then getting stuck in their convoluted contract.
Sara Neal
November 11, 2015
WORST HEATING OIL COMPANY EVER! They ripped me off. Do not use them!!!
eleanor reyes
October 10, 2015
I gave five stars because they deserve it! I was searching for a boiler replacement and was also thinking of converting to gas but PSEG estimated $11,000 without the water heater. We bought an oil boiler because we had to replace an old leaking one that is not cost effective. We were using electric heat running our electric bill so high last winter. Ken explained the process thoroughly and each products efficiency. He was always there to respond to any of our questions.They installed it in a whole day and the area was neat and clean. We also got 0% financing😀👍

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